Harry Babad, Ph. D.

Macintosh oriented writer: commercial software and shareware reviews, book reviews, and columnist.

Nickname doc_Babad

Real Job: jr. JOAT, author and nuclear waste & energy consultant as well as resident iconoclast and curmudgeon. I think and therefore I assess and challenge.

About Me

Starting with a “Lisa” and then a Macintosh SE-30, I now using a Snow Leopard powered iMac {2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB installed 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM running Mac OS X version 10.6.3 with all current security updates installed.

I am a daily {sometimes all day} Macintosh user and shareware junkie {Ups – Collector.} as well as cooking and serious collector of recipes and science fiction. I also am involved in the acoustic music revival, by way of the 3 Rivers Folklife society as a writer [Music Talk] and volunteer http://www.3rfs.org and do an occasional articles on folk music for Seattle’s Victory Revue for which I write an occasional folk-music related articles.

When I was a wee lad, I got hit on the head with the “Blarney” stone, but since I talk faster than I think, I love to write about the things I enjoy. Since my career as an Industrial Chemist and a University professor limited me to “blah third person-impersonal” straight talk. Blogging gives me an outlet to share my musing about the good, bad and ugly of our platform and at times things energy and environmental. As asked, for our local MUG, I also provide free help to friends on working with FileMaker Pro and MS Word and extracting and editing information from PDFs.

Starting a mixed postdoctoral, I’ve had a mixed focus but fun career. First as an academic, then as a industrial R&D chemists & manager, as then as an independent industry consultant on hazardous and reactive material.  The Hanford as an employee for DOE prime contractors as a manager, program manager and Advisory Chemist. Eventually, The Tri-Cities (WA) was good place to raise kids.

I retired from a 25+ years career and am now a part-time consultant in those areas.

Since the ca. 150 professional documents I’ve written were required to be very-very proper. I have also recently co-authored two textbooks on things nuclear for an energy related foundation, and have branched out into writing easier to understand articles on energy and environmentally focused for the average citizen. To date, I’ve written 300 plus reviews, columns and articles for Internet publications, mostly for macCompanion.

I’m ready to move on to being more independent relative to editorial focus, so have teamed with my friend Mike Hubbartt to start blogging with him.

A self-described long-time “folknik,” I have served on the boards of several music and dance related local nonprofit boards, as well as those associated with my profession as a chemist and nuclear waste expert. Addicted to hard science fiction, collecting recipes and cooking, classical jazz and British mysteries, I go nowhere without a book or three. I recently retired for a second time, from a small business of being a craftsman-jeweler –couldn’t handle the 90°F heat at outdoor juried arts and crafts shows. When not volunteering professionally, or consulting on waste management issues, I continue blog and to volunteer for local arts and entertainment organizations.

Harry, aka doc_Babad