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I spend almost all of both my professional (nuclear waste disposal scientist) and non-professional computer time either searching for information (mostly using Google) or writing about what I find. My focus (topics) range widely (as some of our readers know) from:

  1. Cooking associated food-a-torials focused mostly variations on historic-international comfort food themes – posted on the ‘sleeping cat blog’
  2. Technology and greening science posted on this blog site for literate students.
  3. Software reviews and tutorials or handouts for my rare presentations local Macintosh-users group demos; ibid. and
  4. Professional writing on and reviewing dozens of submitted symposia papers about nuclear waste and its disposal for WMSym International.

A tool, I have long found not only invaluable but necessary to my sanity, is a robust-flexible and adaptable clipboard manager.

As a result I’ve, over many years worked with the now defunct Microsoft one to provide in MS Word <ick), as well as a myriad 3rd party tools, many of which I’ve listed below, I’ve gleaned these products from the pages of Mac|Life and Macworld magazines; or found searching ‘clipboard” on the MacUpdate site. [].

…And the winner still is shadowClipboard 3.0.5, a $15 Shareware application, last updated on January 29 2007. Benjamin Salanki of StupidFish <Software> Programming, which has long been out of business still provides licenses. The software is the only one I’ve found that has both the functionality I crave, which survived the test of time even unsupported, and the challenge of evolving Macintosh OS’s. And as a rarity, the software has both a clear and thorough help file and a manual in PDF form; a fine touch for even so easy to use a product.

shadowClipboard is a cocoa-native clipboard enhancer that in ‘advanced mode, users an “unlimited clipping folders storage to organize frequently used clippings by category or any other organizational criteria that meets your needs.

What is a Clipboard Manager?

According to Wikipedia, “A clipboard manager is a computer program that adds functionality to an operating system’s clipboard. Many clipboards provide only one buffer, overwritten by each new “copy” operation. The main task of a clipboard manager is to store data copied to the clipboard in a way that permits richer use of the data.

“Clipboard managers enhance the basic functions of cut, copy, and paste operations with one or more of the following features:

Multiple buffers and the ability to merge, split, and edit their contents.

Selecting which buffer “cut” or “copy” operations should store data in.

Selecting which buffer(s) “paste” operations should take data from.

Handling formatted text, tabular data, data objects, media content, and URLs.

Saving copied data to long-term storage.

Indexing or tagging of clipped data, and

Searching of saved data”


Why Apple and other OS developers limited the clipboard’s capacity to one item is something I’ve never searched… an article from our readers is welcome.

ShadowClipboard — Still My only Choice

shadowClipboard is my only and still favorite clipboard manager for Mac OS X. It remembers and helps organize my clippings into user definable number of folders copied to the clipboard. These at the tap of a shortcut become available to me no whatever application I am using <e.g., from Finder to Apple Mail with hourly side trips to MS Word, FileMaker Pro or GraphicConverter.>

All of these individual clips <e.g., text—formatted and not, links, and images>, in tens or in my case multiple hundreds, are accessible from the menu bar (look, a clipboard) of an uncluttered application (e.g., the finder) or by way of a keyboard shortcut <Command-Shift-Escape> or my menu bar.

Simple Mode-shadowClipboard

ShadowClipboard provides a choice of two interfaces (a simple and an advanced mode), either of which let you choose which item to paste into your document be it from a word processor, a
spreadsheet cell, a drawing or a database record.

Advanced Mode

For me in advanced mode I have created ca. 30 “folders aka data sets” which contain up to 20 to 90 entries stored individually in each. Some of these including the product’s preferences pane are illustrated in the table below.

shadowClipboard SettingsSets… shadow Clipboard

shadowClipboard General Settings shadowClipboard Sets List with Capacity
Edit Set MHBlog Shadow Clipboard
I accidentally duplicated this set — what fun!
Professional Editing clips

This is what I use when peer review or contibuting to WMSym papers.

One core set” namely the ‘systems clipboard’ captures the last 100 or so ‘rolling’ items entered by your operating system to the system clipboard. The number of items in each set can be defined in the shadowClipboard preference pane. <see table above>

Each of the items, in any clipping set, can be renamed to simplify its future identification. If your captured a text file, its name if the begging of that content, often not a good indicator of either the clipping’s contents or purpose.

To populate the other sets, you select and transfer (move) the clipping, one or more at a time, to its selected settings folders, which also can contain a user-defined number of clippings. Such content number limits are simple controls to stop a would-be immense clipping archive from slowing down your computer.

The remaining casual run-time clippings can be stripped from the ‘system folder’ by selecting and deleting them or even used from that window (systems clippings.) If the setting window exceeds the predetermined size, it automatically rolls off the list.

The keys to this great clipboard manager are: flexibility clipping organization ease of use!

shadowClipboard also offers clipboard sharing, which have never used, for sharing your copied items with other users on a local network

The software was last optimized for Mac OS X 10.4 <Tiger> or later, but I use it in Maverick. I have recently tried to contact the developer, but alas got now response. I wish someone would license this great tool, and bring it up to current Macintosh OS standards, since each time I upgrade my OS, I worry whether shadowClipboard will dies as have other favorite tools.

Download if from:

Other Clipboard Managers Choices Screened But Not Adopted

Macworld recently reviewed clipboard managers, “Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac” February 2015, [ – tk.nl_mwdaily]

A list of recent and classic clipboard editors <managers> that I’ve checked out (both free or shareware) which failed to meet my needs include:

Clipboard Center 1.61
[]ClipBuddy 2.10.26

ClipMenu 0.4.3

CuteClips, 3.1.11

CopyEm Paste 2.1.0

CopyPaste Pro 3.5.2

iClip 5.1.4

PTHpasteboard 4.5.7

Savvy Clipboard 2.93



In Closing

In the future I will be reviewing a few more of my favorite, at times ‘heritage’ software, tools including iSeek 1.9.8 [] a Unique Menu Bar Internet search tool [Shareware $15.0020, Dec-2007], as well as XMenu 1.9.8 <Oct 30, 2014> [], A great finder quick navigation tool; and EasyFind 4.9.3 <July 17 2014> A file, folder, and text contents search tool. [ both from DEVON Technologies.

I shall also again start posting new greening articles in Technorati Reviews the first about small nuclear reactors as a way around the lack of American government formal investments in nuclear power that the French, Chinese, Indians and Russian and soon the Saudi’s seem to have gotten right.

Be and Stay well and don ‘t be a silent stranger – let’s hear from you.


Quotes de jour:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

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