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By Mike Hubbartt, © Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

IntelliJ IDEA (


I’ve been using IntelliJ IDEA since version 9.0.0 and really like this IDE. I wrote a review about the 9.0.2 CE (click here to see it) and  IntelliJ was kind enough to let me evaluate the Ultimate Edition for 3 months. I used it and Eclipse ( at the same time on my last undergrad project of using Java to write a C compiler. I liked using the J2EE-enabled functionality, the C programming functionality (which was present in 9.0.0 CE but no longer in versions 9.0.1 CE and 9.0.2 CE), and the overall speed (startup, execution, and shutdown) of the IDE.

I felt it was much easier to use Ant in IDEA 9.0.2 UE than in Eclipse, and the overall startup and execution speed was also better in IDEA than Eclipse. I really appreciate how IntelliJ organizes the options in all four borders of the IDE – very easy to become familiar with the organization. I also have to give IntelliJ kudos for their tech support and sales support – they really listen to their customers.

Don’t get me wrong; I love using Eclipse. I just find IDEA Ultimate Edition (the commercial one) to be more fun and easier to use when coding than Eclipse. I don’t feel that way about the Community Edition (the free one), because so much functionality I need (web, C) is disabled. I do like that JetBrains gives educational discounts – I’m a student and like whenever companies realize that and help us cash-strapped folk. Another kudos to JetBrains.

I understand IntelliJ’s business decision to provide more functionality in their commercial product, but do web development for a living and I can’t ignore the cost and wide-spread preference at most of my clients for Eclipse. I also should point out it was much easier for me to find Eclipse plug-ins than IntelliJ, which was a shame.

IDEA 10 Coming Soon

Good news for IntelliJ IDEA IDE users – version 10 is coming soon and there are nice features for both editions of this powerful development environment. I received an email about the pending release and wanted to share some of that content with you, our readers, since our IDEA 9.0.2 CE review is in our top ten most commonly-read reviews since it was posted in July of 2010, so I wanted to post some of the new release information I recently received from JetBrains:


IntelliJ IDEA v10 will feature a faster environment and improved performance, as well as new GitHub integration and XML completion features. More details on the next version are available here:

For our free Community Edition users, we are pleased to introduce the addition of the Android development plug-in beginning with version 10. More information on this is available on the IntelliJ IDEA blog here:


I want to encourage the programmers that follow our blog to download version 10 upon release. I think the XML completion support in the UE (commercial) edition and the Android support in the CE (free) edition are excellent enhancements. A lot of developers on the Mac OSX Java Dev List like and use IDEA, and their comments are what prompted me to give it a try and it was absolutely worth taking the time to use it.

My recommendation: Download the CE, try it out, and if you like it better than your current IDE then you can see if your company will pay for UE licenses. It might be worth the effort to contact JetBrains and ask for a time-limited eval of IDEA UE to demo to your employer – I can’t say JetBrains will or won’t provide one, but it is still worth the effort to ask if you like the CE version.