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There are environmental issues that affect space, such as the number and types of satellites in orbit, the International Space Station, and commercial space vessels like SpaceShipTwo/WhiteKnightTwo and Falcon 9/Dragon.

On June 4, 2010, SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon 9 spacecraft and it reached low earth orbit while carrying a test version of their Dragon spacecraft. Dragon caries the payload of people, pressurized cargo, and unpressurized cargo. The Falcon/Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to begin providing transport of people and supplies to the International Space Station starting in 2012 at a substantially lower cost than using the space shuttle.

To see a QT video of the simulated rendezvous of the Dragon and ISS, click here.

To see the company website of SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies), go here.

Now this is exciting, as this could be the way regular citizens get to go into space.

Question: How much do you think this will affect the jobs of current NASA and satellite companies that produce technology for the aerospace industry?