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by Mike Hubbartt, © Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

Blogs are enhanced when readers take the time to agree or disagree with posts seen online, but there is a common misconception that first amendment rights allow people to post anything they wish about another person or group with impunity. Sorry. Not correct. Slander is not protected by the first amendment, whether it be in printed media or online media.

Doc Babad recently passed me a link to an article he read in the LA Times that was written by David G. Savage. Check it out. This is an interesting piece and it should serve as a clear warning to those that use the internet to voice opinions should remember that written words should not insult or defame others. It may seem unfair and a form of censorship, but it is merely holding everyone to the same standards, whether their comments are printed online or on paper.

What are you feelings about this situation? Should people be able to say anything about anyone or any group with impunity? Who is or is not responsible for their written views? Let us know how you feel about this situation.