By Mike Hubbartt, © Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Starry Night version 6.4.2 is available as of today. I downloaded and installed it for Starry Night Pro Plus and had no errors during or after the update.

Per an email I received from Starry Night Support on 1/19/2011, this update has the following bug fixes:

  • Crash when printing on OS X.
  • Graph View problems (OpenGL Init problem. OS X.)
  • Calculation of Delta-T for years -500 to 500 was incorrect.
  • FOV indicators now update/draw in the sky if time flow is off.
  • Image Editor “Background Reduction” slider added. Fixes background reduction not working.
  • Constellation Stick Figures not drawing correctly in 3D space when a single constellation is selected.
  • Removed confusing application update message on startup when no data updates requested.

Click here to see our information on the next release (6.4.3) of Starry Night.

On a separate note, I really enjoy reading the Starry Night Times, which is their monthly newsletter. Click here to subscribe to it.

  1. oaklandhappenings says:

    Another bug that was fixed, was the copy/paste option for images to text applications (edit menu). When 6.4.1 came out, this convenient feature went away, and users had to use the “export as image” choice in the file menu. With 6.4.2, copy/paste now works again, and is much faster than using export as image…yay! There is however, one advantage of exporting: the images can be saved in folders; with copy/paste, every time one is copied, the previous is overridden.

  2. oaklandhappenings says:

    sorry…meant to say when 6.4.0 came out (with all of its new features), copy/paste went away; 6.4.1 fixed bugs other than that one.

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