By Mike Hubbartt, © Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

This post contains information about Starry Night version 6.4.1. Click here to read our post on release version 6.4.2, which was available for downloading the morning of January 18, 2011.

Version 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 Update

January 12, 2011

I contacted Starry Night Support for a list of specific fixes/enhancements for versions 6.4.0 and 6.4.1, and they sent me this information on 12/28/2010. The support center informed me that users experiencing problems starting Starry Night after updating can manually delete their preferences file, which should allow them to start the software. They also believe they found the source of the 6.4.1 bug and intend fix it in the next update.

December 25, 2010

I fired up Starry Night Pro to write a quick post about Uranus this morning and saw there was a new version available: 6.4.1. I installed the update (previously at version 6.3.9) and used it immediately. No errors during installation, although I had to manually restart Starry Night after the update completed.

New features from version 6.4.0 to 6.4.1:

  • address some issues that arose with some OS X users and our new usage of OpenGL.

Note: Everything looks much the same in version 6.4.1 as in version 6.3.9, but I did have one problem. While going through the program features, Starry Night did unexpectedly terminate – can’t recall exactly what I was doing, but it gave an OpenGL error message before quitting.

Note 2: I believe the added Apollo missions (only available for the Pro and Pro Plus versions of Starry Night) were part of the Starry Night Apollo application, which is still listed (12-27-2010) as a free-standing product in the Starry Night store.


Version 6.3.9 to 6.4.0 Update

December 25, 2010

New features from version 6.3.9 to 6.4.0:

  • A number of bug fixes, performance improvements, under the hood stuff.
  • Advanced Particle Galaxy Rendering
  • Hour Angle Lines
  • SkyView Link (Image Editor)
  • Argo Navis Support (OS X)
  • Up to 14 new panoramas (Pro Plus gets 14, Pro 9, enthusiast 5)
  • Minor updates to some db’s like meteor showers


Preferences Files Locations

March 29, 2011

The preference file problem for Starry Night Pro users running Windows 7 has been repeatedly addressed since January, however Mr Bill of the Yahoo SN forum recently responded why a good solution to fix this issue is to use the Run as Admin solution:

“W7 defaults to running everything in NON-ADMIN mode even if you are the admin. All that is needed – if you are the administrator, which most people who have a single login are, is to right clk the file you want to run and select COMPATIBILITY then select RUN THIS PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR. If it is an older version on SNP also select RUN THIS PROGRAM IN COMPATIBILITY MODE and set it for XP SP3 or whatever runs.”

Thank you for the clear details why this approach is needed, Mr. Bill.

January 17, 2011

If I ran Vista, I’d probably look for a .txt file in the “C:\Program Files\Starry Night <version>\” directory.

The support center informed me that the Preferences file locations for Windows are in different locations, depending on the version of Windows. They prefer that people needing help with the SN Preferences files for Windows contact them at


January 7, 2011

I’ve received a couple of questions about the Preferences file location for Starry Night Pro and Pro Plus. I contacted their support center and this was their reply:

The Mac OSX Preferences are located at:

/Users/<Your Username>/Library/Preferences/Imaginova Canada/Prefs/

The “User State Prefs.txt” file is located in either the Pro or “Pro Plus” folder depending on which version you have.

IMPORTANT! If you can’t find the Prefs file, remember there are 3 potential Library directories:

  • ~/Library – for a specific user
  • /Library – for all users of the computer
  • /System/Library – for system-wide use


Historical Data on All Version 6.x New Features:

December 25, 2010

All of the newest features in Starry Night version 6.x are:

  • Hour Angle Lines and Vernal Equinox Hour Angle Guide.
  • SkyView Link in Image Editor Downloads Thousands of New Images.
  • Advanced Particle Galaxy Rendering.
  • New minor planets and their moons have been added and updated.
  • Apollo Space Missions: trajectories of the Apollo spacecraft, full models and guided tours.
  • Distance Spheres can now be added to any solar system body with any radius and color.
  • Shadow Cones can be displayed to show the shadows of orbiting bodies.
  • The precessional path of the celestial poles can now be displayed.
  • The circumpolar region, based on your latitude, can now be displayed.
  • Event Finder: Appulse event searching alerts you when the Moon or the Pleiades is near bright planets.
  • Added up to 24 new horizon panoramas.
  • New update technology built directly into Starry Night. Will check for updates automatically if registered.
  • Animated trips between planets now use more visually appealing planet avoidance.
  • Tully database improved to allow for more galaxy types.
  • Saturn’s rings and ring shadows now draw even more precisely.
  • Universal Time can now be displayed and edited in the toolbar.
  • The value of DeltaT has been improved and can now be overridden by the user.
  • All planets now draw with softer edges.
  • Updated LiveSky links and images.
  • Thicker lines on high-DPI displays maintain visibility.
  • More Customer Support Features
  • Spaceship responsiveness dramatically improved.
  • Improved Space Mission rendering speeds.
  • Improved Find feature for multiple objects of same name.
  • Updated mythological descriptions for all 88 classical constellations

OS-specific improvements:

  • Argo Navis support for Mac OS X.
  • Smooth window fading (Win XP and Vista)
  • Transparent floating windows (Vista only)
  1. IAC says:

    6.4.0 once installed on the OSX 10.6.5 would not open, crashed loading. I sent them “thread” the crash report. now we have 6.4.1 that opens. anybody out there interested in helping create a plug in for SN Pro?

  2. pdh says:

    i noitce starry night 6.4.1 crashes when i try to “start graphing” the international space stn… it tells me i need open gl which i have on my macbook pro 17 inch,, is this a new bug???
    i also tried switching off pixel shaders.. any idea whats wrong?

    thanks for the 6.4.1 release info

    • mikeh2013 says:


      I emailed your information plus my own experience with an OpenGL crash and received vendor confirmation on 1/3/2011 that they are aware of the problem and looking into it.

      We’re now working on a series of articles about Starry Night, and reorganized the main Space page so astronomy software articles are grouped at the bottom of the page – the top continues to display the newest articles at the top. Please check it out and subscribe if you find the content interesting, as it will be updated periodically.

      Thanks for sending enough information to help with the OpenGL issue, and thanks for visiting our site.

      – Mike

  3. paul says:

    thanks mike. I have received an email from the SNP company saying that an update is on its way soon to fix the problem. !!!!!!!!

  4. Steve says:

    I cannot locate the preferences file where you indicated. I am running Vista. I just downloaded 6.4 and it crashed with the delete the file notice.

    • mikeh2013 says:


      Did you download 6.4 or 6.4.1? I don’t use Vista, so I passed your information to Starry Night support. Today is Saturday, so it may be a few days before you hear from them, but please post their response in a reply to this post so we can share the information with other SN users using Vista.


    • mikeh2013 says:


      I contacted Starry Night Support and they said the SN Prefs file is located in a different directory for Windows (it’s even a different location on different versions of Windows.) and would like you to contact them at for that information.

      – Mike

      • Joe says:

        Hi there,
        I also have the problem to find the preferences-file under win7 … has anybody received an answer from SN where this file is located?

  5. Piet says:

    Joe, I have found my prefs file(s) in here on Win7 (64bit):

    C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Imaginova Canada\Prefs\Pro

    where {username} is probably “Joe”.

    Good luck!

    • Bruce says:

      I have tried everything I can think of, but I can’t find the Prefs file at the location you give. I too have a stalled program that always wants me to throw out the Prefs file. I’d love to but, There is no folder with your location. I’m running Windows 7, 64 bit and initially installed SN 6 Pro Plus using a Windows XP compatibility setting (had to). updated to 6.4.3 Please tell me how to find that damned file.

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